Where is the Other Sock?

Today I had to go to a formal event.  I saw a brown sock amongst the pile and knew that it would work.  Brown shoes…brown socks….that sounds okay?  It probably was not the best fashion choice, but hey anything would be better than black socks.  Picking up the sock, I inspected everything about it.  I looked at the specific shade of color, the lines that ran through the top, and the specific seam on the base.  I was preparing for the most difficult task most humans face in their life.  I needed to find THE OTHER SOCK.

Everyone that ever needs to find the other sock knows how arduous of a task this turns out to be.  It seems like such a simple task.  Sometimes, we get lucky and the match happens to be sitting right where we first look.  Usually though, the socks are NEVER right next to each other in the pile.  The other sock always seems to have been eaten by the dryer or fallen into the black hole behind the dryer.

Checking the time, I knew I had only a few minutes before my ride came to pick me up.

“Just find it Nick, it’s not that difficult.  You need to hurry up”

Immediately, I saw a brown sock.  This must be the jackpot.  It must be the match.  However, after I picked it up I realized it was not the same.  Sure it was similar but the brown was a different shade, the lines on top were a different thickness, and the seam at the base differed.

Now what?  Keep searching.  

After a few more minutes of digging through the pile like a miner searching for gold I found the other sock #victory. The socks matched perfectly.  The shade was the same, the lines were exact, and the seam at the base was identical.  I put on both of the socks, threw on my shoes, and ran out the door ready to attend my event.

So, why did I just tell you a story about my missing sock?

Because it is so thrilling!

 Not quite.    

This story has nothing to do socks but everything to do with finding a spouse.  

You see, everyone seems to start off unsure of who they are in the grand scheme of things.  What is my identity?  We ask ourselves what are OUR beliefs, dreams, goals, and purpose.  Eventually, we figure it out.  We understand what we want out of this life and WHO WE ARE.  We determine what kind of sock we want to be.  Only after that can we find our match.

We cannot find the perfect spouse unless we come to understand who we are striving to be.  It is difficult to find a match when you don’t have a sock to start out with.

Now, once we determine the type of sock we strive to be, we will start looking for THE OTHER SOCK.  This is our future spouse.

Two outcomes usually happen…

  1. Some people get lucky.  They reach into the pile and just like that BAM they find the perfect match.  They match the socks and go on their merry way.  Some examples of this are those friends that met in high school and are about to be engaged or those two people that sat next to each other the first day of class freshman year.  We all know these skilled sock finders.

2. However, for MANY individuals it does not seem to work so perfectly.  People start becoming anxious to find the other sock.

They ask themselves:

  • What will others say about me if I only have one sock?
  • Why can’t I just find the other sock already?
  • This doesn’t really match, but I guess I could try to make it work?
  • This sock doesn’t smell that bad…right (initiate smell test)?

Those people that can relate to #2 usually feel as though they have a time restraint.  They  want THE OTHER SOCK NOW.  They don’t want to be late, so they start picking up socks that look similar but are not a perfect match to the other sock.  They know these individuals are not right for them, yet they can’t seem to let them go to find the perfect match.

Over time, they begin to realize that the socks are not perfect matches.  Sure they have qualities that are similar, but they aren’t the other sock.  They come to learn that they have to be patient when searching.  As many people know from personal experience waiting for a relationship is pretty similar to being patient in finding the match to a sock.  Both can be extremely frustrating.

Sure, the other sock isn’t just going to just walk up from the pile and say hey.  However, overtime we have to trust ourselves and have peace with our current situation along the way.

We have to understand that sometimes the other sock may not even be in that specific pile.  Your future spouse may be hiding somewhere down life’s path.  The sock could be in your car, behind your dresser, maybe even in an old suitcase for all we know.

However, one day when you least expect it, you will find the other sock.

The fact that you waited so long, makes the discovery so much greater.

Remember, this whole time the other sock was waiting for your arrival.    

And just like that.

You found your perfect match.


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