Why I Call My Mom Everyday

When I first started at Baylor, calling Mom was the last thing on my mind.  I was halfway across the country from home, but I was a grown up now.  I could figure everything out all by myself.  Advice? Psh…I could handle anything life threw at me.

I would occasionally call once or twice a week for a few minutes.  I remember one day freshman year, while I was on the phone with her, someone remarked,

“Why do you call so much?”

Embarrassed by the comment and believing that calling Mom made me less “manly”, I stopped calling as often.  Over the next two years I did not call as much because I felt figuring things out on my own was important.  I felt it was my job to be a man and figure it out.

However, as junior year of college rolled around my idea of what it meant to be a “man”changed.

I realized a few things.

 I realized…how much I have to learn from my Mom.

I realized…that she will not be here forever.

I realized…how much she has impacted my character.

I realized…that it is a privilege to be able to speak to her everyday.

I thought,

“When I am older I will regret not making the phone calls?”

Over the last 21 years my Mom has taught me what it means to be a man of God.  Although I live in Texas now I still am learning from her.

So, why do I call my Mom everyday?

 Because she has been my greatest teacher.

Here are a few things I have learned from my Mom.

1. Pursue all your dreams

When I was fourteen I wanted to try fencing.  Yup you read that correctly…fencing.  The sport with the swords.  I thought I could be an Olympian.  I had watched enough Pirates of the Caribbean so I thought I was basically a pirate.  So, I talked to my Mom about it.  She ended up helping me find a place to learn.  I ended up doing it for a few months and hated it.  My Moms enthusiasm allowed me to pursue a sport that most parents would have laughed at.  Mom taught me that the craziest dreams are the best dreams.

2.Don’t Quit…EVER

Sophomore year the pre-med track was horrible.  I was having a hard time balancing social life, academics, and SLEEP.  I thought, “What is the point?”  I thought, “Maybe I should try another profession.”  As I talked to Mom, she reminded me why I chose to pursue the medical field.  She reminded me about the difference I will be able to make in the lives of my future patients and their families.  She reminded me that this was a difficult path, but quitting would only lead to regret.  I am now in the process of filling out my Medical School applications.  Thanks to my Mom’s encouragement, my dream is becoming a reality.

3. Stay Humble with Success

Whenever I won an award, received a great GPA, or succeeded in any aspect of my life, Mom pushed me off my high horse.  She taught me that success in life fades but how we view ourselves shapes our actions.  She taught me that it is a gift to be in college.  She explained to me that people would cry for joy for such an opportunity.  By throwing me off my high horse, I learned that more work needs to be done.  Happiness comes by my success, but joy comes when I help others succeed.

4. Treat All Women Like Princesses

Every girl that I have ever taken on a date, the words of my Mom have been shouting at me from the back of my mind.

  • Open the door Nick.
  • Pull out the chair Nick.
  • Buy her flowers Nick.
  • Walk her to the door Nick.
  • Nicholas, you better pay for that meal!!!

Nowadays, it sickens me to see how a lot of men treat women.  I feel extremely blessed to have been taught what it means to be a gentlemen from my Mom.  She taught me that it is a privilege to take a woman on a date and explained to me the importance of being intentional.

5. Love God and Love Others

Most importantly, Mom taught me the importance of loving God.  Through her actions and fervent prayer she has taught me that the Lord is my stronghold.  Through her selfless dedication to others in the community she has showed me what it means to live the Gospel.

Today, I am thankful for my best friend and all she has taught me.

Happy 50th Mom.  Love you.



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