During my second semester sophomore year I thought about going to India. Not going for like a week or vacationing….literally leaving and not coming back.

At this point in my life I asked myself, “What’s the point?”

As a Christian, I believe my fundamental mission on this earth is to love God and love others. I thought,

“Do I need a college degree to accomplish this task? Am I wasting time that I could be giving to God and others…right this minute.”

I wanted to go to India to help the poor and neglected. I had read a lot about the work of Mother Teresa (now officially recognized as a Saint). Also, after watching the movie City of Joy, I strongly desired to do medical mission work in India. But I was impatient.

“Why not go right now…why not help out NOW,” I told myself.

I continued to think about it all week. It was actually pretty simple. All I had to do was sign into my schools registration. Click withdraw. Go on Google and buy a one way ticket to India. Pack a suitcase. And bam. Peace out old life. My life is changed forever.

The last few weeks I was reminded of my desire to leave the country sophomore year. I asked myself why I was so scared to make that leap. I reflected on how much I have grown as a person since that day sophomore year.

Today, I received a little bit of an answer.

In one of my classes we talked about leaving the country to do mission work. We talked about leaving everything behind in order to better a community. We discussed the reason that not many people do this is because in America our moral beliefs aren’t strong.

They are soft. Malleable. We are overly comfortable.

We continued to talk about how American society has shaped us to be like play-doh with our morals instead of hardened clay.

We as a country see the horror around us and all over the globe yet we shrug our shoulders and move on. Our beliefs are not grounded or strong enough to allow us to make a leap of faith.

It frustrates me so much that we have been so habituated to the “bad” as a society that we forget that we can make a change. We have become complacent.

It makes me sad to think about all the times I allowed society to shape my moral beliefs like play-doh.

Over the last couple of years, I have learned that it is such a blessing to be where I am in this stage of my life. I do not regret my decision not to go to India.

I remind myself that although India is in dire need of help…

so is the United States.

so is the state I live in.

so is the city I live in.

so is my college campus.

so is my family, friends, strangers etc.

In order to make a difference we must become the clay.

We must not let society shape our morals but rather stand strong in our faith. The only way to change the horrors of the world is to have courageous faith. Through your zeal, the world will see the light of Christ.

We must remember to allow our


Through our faith we must seek the Holy Spirit and ask for the courage to jump out of our comfort zones. We don’t need to go to India to show our love for God and others. We don’t need to travel across the United States. We need to remain zealous, look towards the cross in all things, and not shrug our shoulders at our neighbor’s pain.

Living a life devoted to Christ and one’s neighbor is the ultimate adventure.

Remind yourself each day:

  1. Stand firm in your morals.
  2. Keep your eyes focused on Christ.
  3. Jump out of your comfort zone.

There is a restlessness and spiritual dryness in being comfortable.

Get uncomfortable in your community and show the world that you are grounded.

Take a leap and I promise you the greatest adrenaline rush of all time.

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  1. Hey I’m the @thesoldierofgod I love you ur piece. As a Christian (Non-denominational) myself, I encourage to pray strongly and keep the faith!


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