Shoutout to Nicki Minaj

Have you ever been walking somewhere and all of a sudden a random song lyric comes into your head?

Yesterday, out of no where I started hearing the lyrics from Nick Minaj’s “Moment 4 Life” featuring Drake. The line that really stuck in my head was…

 “No, I’m not Lucky, I’m Blessed…”

Back in 2010, when the song came out, I probably sang that lyric a hundred times. My music choices have changed quite a lot since 2010—sorry Nicki your songs are just chilling in my old iPod nano.

However, I want to thank Nicki for that lyric—which I haven’t thought about in years.

After reflecting on her words for a minute or two I was reminded of a theological lesson.

Ever since starting college, I have had a way of getting through tough obstacles and challenges. It just seemed natural to me. Many of these obstacles are academic, but there are others which are not. Every time I get through it, I always respond,

“It’s just luck.”

What do you mean by this Nick? Well, I can’t really describe it but if you ask my friends they will tell you. There are times in my life where failure is inevitable. Mostly due to procrastination, laziness, and uncertainty.


Against all the odds.

I prevailed.

One “academic” example happened to me last semester. Last year, I took a final exam for one of my most difficult upper level science courses. The test covered 27 powerpoint’s, which had many bullet points of information on each slide. If I had to make a rough guess I needed to memorize 2,700 slides. I had other finals the days before, which I also needed to do well on. I didn’t give myself enough time AT ALL to study for this upper level science test.

I crammed and crammed the night before and remember walking into the test flipping through my Mac only on powerpoint # 16.

That is 1,100 slides I had not looked at.

Frantic, I took a deep breath. Said a giant prayer. And hoped for the best. It is in God’s hands.

I ended up doing really well and getting an A in the class. What was my response? What did I attribute my success too?

“It was just luck.”

Today, I am reminded of the verse  Matthew 19:26.

“Jesus looked at them and said,’ With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Though my situations may seem impossible by looking towards Christ everything becomes possible. My fear and anxiety transforms into success.

Therefore, I will no longer attribute my success to luck.

Nothing I accomplish is pure luck. But everything—is a gift given to me through my Lord and Savior. I, just like the men healed from leprosy in the Bible, forget to come to Jesus and thank Him. I forget to talk to Christ saying

“Wow Lord, I felt so much fear in that situation and You held my hand through it all. Thank you for this moment. Help me to always remember to thank you for your gifts—both in good times and bad.”


The typical response from others when I make it through an impossible obstacle like the example above is:

“But Nick, its just because you are smart.”

Maybe, that is the case. Maybe, an individual who is “smart” seems to get “lucky” more.

However, even if that is the case, intellect and wisdom it is a gift from the Holy Spirit.

I can tell you that at many points in my life I felt as though God guided my hand, thoughts, words, etc. During that final exam, I know being “smart” was not going to cut it. I know that the Holy Spirit gives me the strength and hope to persevere.

To be blessed by God does not mean completely surrender and not persevere to one’s goals. It means to give your academics, personal life, and goals 110 percent effort. Through your action and determination you are giving glory to Him.

Remember today, that YOU are not doing this thing called life on your own. If you focus on God His will is going to prevail. Is that not an awesome thought? We are running this race towards God with the best running partner—Jesus Christ.

God’s blessings are disguised— we so often forget what He is doing for us every hour, minute, and second of our lives.

I am reminded today of all the blessings in my life—my family and friends who support me.

I am reminded that with God all things are possible.

I am reminded that I am not lucky but very very blessed.

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