God is my DJ

Life is a rave.  God is my DJ. Love is the music.  Imagine this scenario. You are in your car. The summer sun and breeze has found its way through your open windows. You are jamming out.  All of a sudden their is a lull in the music. Then out of nowhere the beat drops….

Hand Sanitizer: Only 99% Effective

Every Sunday, a homeless man sits a few pews behind me. This man has stained clothes, long greasy hair, and hands speckled with dirt. I was very unsettled with how I first viewed this man. The dirt on his hands and feet immediately put up a barrier between myself and a fellow brother in Christ….

Vision of Our Hearts

My freshman year I was on the club rock climbing team. I joined the team because nothing beats an adrenaline rush. Though I always put on a face that I was super courageous and tough…heights always made my palms sweat. The higher I would climb the greater my heart rate. Heights were one of my…