God is my DJ

Life is a rave. 

God is my DJ.

Love is the music. 

Imagine this scenario. You are in your car. The summer sun and breeze has found its way through your open windows. You are jamming out.  All of a sudden their is a lull in the music. Then out of nowhere the beat drops.

 You go crazy.

The friend next to you is waving their arms all around. Wishing you could do the same, you throw on your shades and bob your head up and down. Life is good. Music is good. Friendship is good.

Life is a rave.

I know, especially with all the troubles in our world, it is hard to be thankful and appreciative.  It is tough to see the fun of life when we are blinded by the sorrow. We must remember that everyday we have the ability to wake up and dance with the world. We have the power to celebrate the goodness that is God’s creation. We can forget our worries in worship as we listen to the music of my Creator.

God is my DJ.

The best part about the rave of life is that we know the DJ.  It is not some high school DJ trying to make it big who only plays Katy Perry songs. No. This DJ can do no wrong. He plays all the best songs at the best times.

What happens if the beat drop was the whole song? Just two/three minutes of the beat dropping? Would it not lose its awesomeness? In life, their will be moments where the beat is not dropping. It will be hard. Things will not be going according to your plan. You will NOT want to dance. However, we must remember that God is our DJ. He has the perfect set list.

Love is the music.

Music connects us. Dancing and singing along in a car makes us feel united. Love is the music of life. Through love and service to the world we can hear the music from Heaven. Each time we look into the eyes of our neighbor. Each time we listen to the fears of our friends. Each time we hold hands in prayer. The music of love is blasting from the radio.

Friends, I encourage you to smile today and dance. You are 
currently at the best dance party ever created. 

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