Nothing Matters

On my Instagram, my first photo from 4 years ago, is of me on campus with a nice soft smile. The caption reads, “Ready to start the journey.”

College was more than a journey. College was more than just a rollercoaster.

At times it felt like I was getting run over by a semi.

At times it felt like I being hugged by the world.

At times it felt like I just missed joining the Olympics by a few seconds.

At times it felt like I forgot how to breathe.

At times it felt like I won the lottery…twice in a row. 

I have done a lot of reflection the last few weeks. As I sell my furniture. As I finish my last class as an undergraduate. As I pack my suitcases.

Reflection always comes when life gets real…real quick. 

So, here I am. Staring at this photo. Trying to remember what was going on in that 18 year olds head. How am I different?

I like lists.

Here are 100 things college has shown me. 

  1. Live your life. Not someone else’s life.
  2. If you choose to follow #1 do it boldly.
  3. Find mentors
  4. Listen to your mentors
  5. Be grateful
  6. Call your family
  7. Call your friends
  8. Smile until your cheeks hurt
  9. Kill the world with kindness
  10. Vulnerability is scary, but so worth it
  11. Foster friendships
  12. Don’t be afraid of strangers
  13. Don’t let fear hold you back
  14. Purchase an umbrella
  15. Be spontaneous
  16. Follow your gut
  17. Treat your gut well with healthy food
  18. Exercise as much as you study
  19. Don’t live in books
  20. Be present
  21. Find what you are good at
  22. Listen to the world speak
  23. Empathy, empathy, empathy
  24. zeal, zeal, zeal
  25. Haters gonna hate
  26. No excuse is good enough
  27. Action expresses priority
  28. Prayer is active
  29. Crying is okay
  30. Emotions are okay
  31. Frustration is okay
  32. Call people by their name
  33. Look people in the eye
  34. Hug people
  35. Sometimes just being is enough
  36. Be creative
  37. Sacrifice
  38. Find a Church
  39. Never miss a Sunday
  40. Find a quiet place
  41. Reflection, reflection, reflection
  42. Find woke people
  43. Fellowship with woke people
  44. Wear the clothes you want to wear
  45. Fall asleep in weird places
  46. Life is fun if you make it fun
  47. Life is boring if you make it boring
  48. Tell people that you love them
  49. Tell your crush that you like them
  50. Embody courage
  51. Patience isn’t something you learn right away
  52. Your future is so bright you need shades
  53. Serve the poor
  54. Listen to the narratives of the underserved
  55. Buy someone a coffee
  56. Buy someone a gift randomly
  57. Write a friend a letter
  58. You may think no one understands you, we are all human
  59. Because I am human, I have limits
  60. Only God can give me peace
  61. The world is dark, be a light
  62. Be the salt of the earth
  63. Don’t wear green shorts and a green shirt
  64. Being silly is a good thing.
  65. Laugh at failure/mistakes and move on
  66. Some people come to your life for a reason
  67. Other people need to leave your life for a reason
  68. Be consistent
  69. Don’t say you are if you haven’t shown it
  70. Dance like everyone is watching and kill it
  71. Humility, humility, humility
  72. Take deep breaths
  73. Make sure you have a towel on the rack before you jump in the shower.
  74. Take cold showers to wake up.
  75. Don’t be idle
  76. Don’t live in your own head.
  77. Heartbreaks heal in time
  78. Don’t be jealous
  79. Ask for help
  80. Organize your desk
  81. 4 years goes by like lightning
  82. Stop the vanity
  83. Run in the rain with your friends
  84. Kiss someone like spiderman
  85. Be someone’s superhero
  86. Don’t buy what you don’t need
  87. Don’t clutter your life, throw stuff away
  88. Jesus Christ anchors
  89. Get nice hats for bad hair days
  90. Don’t feel obligated
  91. Put down that cell phone
  92. Pick up that Bible
  93. Live away from home
  94. Find your home
  95. Take a random elective
  96. Push yourself to always be better
  97. Yes or No, don’t live a life of maybe
  98. Take action
  99. Read between the lines of textbooks

100. Nothing matters but loving God and the people He has made. 

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