Narwhals and Unicorns

I have been really lucky.

College has blessed me with great friends that I will have until they put me in the coffin.

Friends that have my back through terrible times.

Friends to laugh with me and at me.

Friends that understand me.

Friends that push me to be courageous.

And most of all…..

Friends that produce KOMA moments.

I have talked about KOMA moments before in my past blogs. However, for new readers I will try to explain.


KOMA stands for: (K)nocked (O)n (M)y (A)ss


KOMA moments are instances where my entire perspective shifts. These are moments where my mind has taken a seat and I need to reevaluate everything. My world transforms as my butt hits the ground.


A few weeks ago I was opening up to my roommate. I was trying to explain all my emotions and fears. I was frustrated. I was upset. I was angry. I was hurt.



My roommate responded,

“You think you are a unicorn. But in reality, you are just a narwhal.”


I was really confused after this statement.

Unicorn? Narwhals? Me? WHAT?


My friend started to explain to me that I act as though I am unique and special. I talk as though no one understands my problems. I speak as though I am alone in this vast universe. A unicorn—a mythical creature no one can empathize with.

He then told me that I am just a narwhal. There are others that get it, other narwhals in the ocean. My unicorn horn is really the horn of a narwhal. My fears, frustrations, emotions have been experienced by many many others in the world.

All in all.

I am not alone. 


I write about this story today to promote vulnerability. It is very difficult to open up with friends and even strangers about the struggles of life. You may feel different. You may feel like your fears and anxieties are special.

However, more people “get it” than you think would. C.S. Lewis says it perfectly.


"To love is to be vulnerable."


Friends, I encourage you today to remind yourself that you are a narwhal. I wish I could tell you that you are a special unicorn, but that is not the case.

We are all human.

We can empathize with one another.

We can choose everyday to be open about our struggles and victories.

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