It was Only Just a Beam


There are many excuses we tend to give ourselves as to why we just don’t do the things we feel we need to accomplish in this life.

We tell ourselves…

My dream or goal is unrealistic. 

I don’t have the talent.

It wasn’t the right time.

I’m not in the mood today.

Lets call this state of being our STABLE self.

We are stable. We are comfortable. We are sitting still on the balance beam of life.

Lately, I have been taking note of my STABLE self in regards to my spiritual life.

I have built this attitude where I tell myself…

Pray today.

Read the Bible today.

Reflect today.

Lose yourself in the service of others today.

Care more today.

However, the majority of the time, I don’t get done what I have set out to do.

Why is that?

By making the mental checklist I feel as though it is already accomplished.

For example, when I think about praying today it makes me feel as though I already have prayed. I think about what time I am free to pray, I think about the place, I think about what I will pray etc. I load my head up with so many questions I become exhausted.

And the prayers never get sent!

It’s like thinking all about the perfect email you are going to send your boss and every night realizing you never sent it.

By overthinking about our actions, we are binding ourselves to life’s balance beam. We are gymnasts not taking the risk. Not making a move. We are gymnasts that think we have already received a perfect score. Every single time we question ourselves and scare ourselves we are laying the concrete foundation…our feet become bricks.


Our stability is our own downfall.


How do we fix this?


We are living internally. Prisoners to our own heads. Our own thoughts paralyze us into inaction and force us to remain STABLE.

Our minds tell us we are a flower grown with the Lord, yet why are we withering?

In order to get over ourselves, we need to change our attitude.


We need to change the mental checklist to an “I will” attitude.


Instead of “pray today”….I WILL pray.

Instead of “read the Bible today”….I WILL read the Bible.

Instead of “reflect today”…I WILL reflect.

We need to become spiritual athletes.

Repeat your I WILL to yourself. Shout it. And then without becoming a prisoner to your own head…

ACT and ACT quickly.

Become a disciplined athlete with your actions. When basketball players go up for that three pointer…do think overanalyze it? No, they need to act and act fast. Why? Because 1. they have trained 2. the end goal is important to them.

Is this not the same for your spiritual life? How important is a three pointer in comparison to the Kingdom?

The quicker you act the easier it will be to dissolve past the caged bars you have placed around your dreams, goals, and desires.

Goals to be a better man/woman of faith.

Dreams to be a more loving father/mother/brother/sister.

Desires to understand your purpose on this spinning ball floating through the cosmos. 

Inside this “I will” attitude we must feel the courage. We must fill these words with the joy that is in our call to serve the world.

Unlike the gymnast, we are not on this beam alone. God is by our side holding our hands and giving us the support. God is the balance. He gives us the grace to move our feet and flip into life’s greatest adventures.

Adventures that mold us into men and women of faith.

Adventures that make us warriors to the truth.

Adventures that guide us home to the Kingdom.

When we state what we WILL do and ACT  our will is going to align with God’s will for our lives. 


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