Kangaroo’s and God 

I’m currently in line waiting to get into the Academia in Florence, Italy. Been waiting here for a while and very little movement. So why not write? I’ve been in Italy for a few weeks now. Traveling all around the motherland. Not gonna lie, when I got on the plane I was a little timid. I view myself as this rugged explorer, but that is definitely not how I felt. I would be staying with relatives that barely knew me. I would need to rely on a lot of people. I would have very little control. 

I like having control. 

Without it, I get stressed out. I get anxiety. I get afraid. 

When I don’t have the control of my situation trust becomes everything. 

Trusting people is so difficult. Whether it be in relationships, friendships, and especially with God. 

We are afraid to let go and trust because we are scared to be dropped. 

Let’s be real. You can’t trust everybody. 

I think an important aspect of trust is choosing the right people.

You can trust people that…

 Will carry you on their shoulders and not complain about the weight.  

Encourage you in words and action. 

Understand that their time is not more important than your time. 

Listens with their heart. 

Expects nothing in return. 
I’m sure you can think of a few people in your life that fit this criteria. I know I can. But I also know that even those people can break trust at times. Why? Because of our humanity. 

On this trip it has been carved in me to realize that only God will never let me down. If I place my trust in the Lord I will find the security I seek. 

Christ is our security. 

Christ is our resting place.

Christ is our best friend. 

I’m still at afraid at times. I’m still upset. I still feel restless. But then I remember as I wander this Earth I am never alone. 

We are all in God’s pocket.

 Like a baby kangaroo at peace in his or her mothers pouch. We can hear the heartbeat of God all around us. We cannot fall because He carries us everywhere. If we trust Him, our heart beats will synchronize. 

When you get afraid. Remember. 

You are chillen in the pouch of God. 

What more can you ask for? 

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