I Dare You to Sprint

On Good Friday of this year I saw something magnificent. 

During the Catholic Good Friday ceremony there is something done called the veneration of the cross. Basically, everyone in the pews goes up and kisses the feet of Christ on the cross. It represents our thankfulness to the Savior of the world. Through this act of kissing Christ feet we remind ourselves that  He is our King. A King of love and mercy. 

I remember sitting in the pew and watching a little boy run past the line of people. He was about 4. He was smiling from ear to ear. He cut off the few people that were to go next and kissed Christ’s feet. He ran back to his parents. A few minutes later he was back up to near the altar. This time he was with his parents. Again, he was filled with joy and kissed the feet of Christ on the wooden crucifix.  

I think about this story often. Hence why I am writing about it even though Good Friday was months ago. 

Christ tells us in the Bible we need to be like children in order to enter the Kingdom. Yet I didn’t know what this looked like. 

A few things about this situation puzzled me in the moment. But now that I look back they hold awesome truths. 

His parents never seemed to stop him
Those who truly love us will not hold us back when we do anything to get closer to Christ. Even if it seems crazy. If our parents, friends, or mentors hold us back do they really want our best interest at heart? Find the people that let you run towards Christ. Find the people that run with you. Even if you seem crazy. 

He did not care that he cut the line

This little boy had no cares at all. His eyes were focused on Christ. Anyone in his way he dodged. He didn’t care about the stares. He didn’t care about the talking behind his back. It was just him and God. The joy he had was his fuel. Let the joy of Christ fill you and help you to not be afraid. Let it remind you not to take care about what others think. All that matters is what Christ thinks of you. 

He did not walk but ran to the cross.

When I tell you this kid ran, I mean this kid RAN. He was not strolling. He pursued God with all his might. Run to Christ and never look back. Never waste a minute. 

He came back a second time. 

The first time was not good enough for this kid. He wanted more. He needed more of Christ. Remember that Christ is not a one time deal. The journey of life requires that we continuously go back to Him. Though life has its ups and downs Christ will always be there. Go back to Christ every day. 

Take a deep breath. 

Tie your sneakers. 

Forget about the people in the crowd. 

And sprint. 

Towards Christ.

As fast as you possibly can. 

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