All I Do Is Swim, Swim, Swim, No Matter What

The other day I was treading water.

Not because I was in trouble, but because I was competing. Like in the movie The Guardian. The scene where all the prospective coast guard members are thrown in the pool and have to stay afloat or they are kicked out of the program.

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I am no fish. Swimming is the most difficult form of exercise for me. Tell me to run a half-marathon right now and I can do it no problem. But swimming, I am winded after a good three minutes.

While treading water, I was flailing my arms everywhere. In due time the lactic acid started to build up in my muscles. My head started to bob under. My arms could not move fast enough.

Needless to say, I lost the contest.


A few days later I realized that I am treading water everyday. 


While treading water…

Your body is exhausted.

Your mind is telling you to quit.

You can feel your lungs collapsing.

Yet, you are going no where.


Everyday we tread water…

When we exhaust our minds thinking about our goals instead of doing them.

When we become so self-absorbed that are main focus is keeping our own head afloat.

When we exhaust our bodies by hurting them with unhealthy food and poor life choices. 

When we lose sight of the final destination. 


At the end of the day treading water, we go to bed exhausted. This tiredness makes us feel as though we actually accomplished something. Yet, we accomplished nothing at all. We stayed put.


I don’t know about you but I want to swim.


When we swim we have a destination in mind.

The destination drives us. Motivates us. Keep our arms paddling and legs kicking. The pain is more bearable.

When we swim we are moving the water and not allow the water to move us. 

That final goal is the Kingdom.

Lately, I have forgotten that this is why I am even in the pool.

To swim to Him.

I’m sick and tired of looking up to the sky as I tread.

I am done asking the Lord why He is not helping me.


What I should be doing is praying to Him for the courage to swim.

The courage to move my arms and legs in His direction.

Praying to Him for the strength to act.


Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to put your goggles on.

Take a deep breath.

Look forward.

And start swimming in the right direction.

So, when we go to bed at night exhausted. Crushed by the waves and the beating sun.We know deep in our hearts that we earned the tiredness.

That we did not stay put.

We looked at Him in the distance and whispered,


“I will never stop swimming.”






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