Get Up.

I have been hearing something lately…but not with my ears.

With my heart.

Have you ever heard a phrase over and over again inside of you?

Like a song that pops in your head at the most random times.

And the more you try to get rid of it, the more it keeps coming back?

My song goes a little like this.


Get up and walk.


In John 5 Christ says such a phrase to a man ill, paralyzed, and alone for thirty eight years.

Christ declares, “Get up! Pick up your mat and walk.”

The man jumps up and is healed.

Just like that.

The more I think about this the more I see how it relates to my (our) lives. A lot of our troubles stem from not moving spiritually. Our struggles stem from the fact that we are spiritually stagnant. Christ’s command, to get up and walk, must be applied to all of our lives.

We must not just hear the word, but walk with the word.

We must not just ask for God’s grace, but utilize it.

We must not pray for courage, and then cry out in fear.

In Church today I was reminded of two great scripture passages.

The first was:

In 1 Kings 19:11 we are told that God is not dwelling in the dramatic. Such as fires, earthquakes, and roaring winds.

God is found in the whispers of our hearts.

The second passage was Matthew 14:22-23. 

In this passage Christ tells Peter to come out and walk on the water. Peter does but his doubts cause him to sink.

After hearing these verses at Church today I did not know what to make of them.

What do I do with the whisper I am hearing?

Why am I so like Peter walking on water and becoming afraid?

How do I just do what I need to do! 

Still confused, it was time for the “sign of peace” at Church. For those who are unaware, in the Catholic Church there is a moment in the Mass where everyone in the pews shakes each others hands, hugs, kisses….showing one another a sign of peace.

I shook a few hands and fell into the depth of my thoughts again.

About five minutes later, while frustrated, I noticed a little boy about 5 years old.

This boy was consumed with joy. And I truly mean it. He had a smile plastered on his face that was not going away.

Though the sign of peace was long over he was going down the aisles shaking EVERYONES hand.

Most people were a bit taken a back.

I wasn’t.

“That’s it,” I thought.

Get up. Don’t listen to the world. Listen to the whisper inside.

Act with joy.

Act with love.

Act with courage.


Without hesitation.


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