I Just Don’t Know: Part 3

I am here, now what? How much longer until I get to the end? Why is it so cold in this room? Where is my sweatshirt? What does God have in store for me? Why do I question everything? Why is the flow so hard to go with? How do I be better? When can I have fun again? Why can’t I right now? Why do I wake up scared? Where is my true home? Why does love hurt? Why do I keep fighting? When’s the last time I listened to my heart beat? Who has my back? Who cries when I cry? Who makes me laugh? Why am I wearing two different socks? Why does life need to match? Where is my faith? Where is my trust? Do I trust myself more than Him? Where is my phone? Why do I need a phone? Should I write a letter? When is the last time I wrote a letter? Does she know I would do anything for her? Does he know I care about him? Does He know I care about Him? Have I been a good friend? Will I make more friends? Why am I stressed? Why do I care so little? Why are my priorities all over the place? Who is my priority? Is my priority a thing? Why am I so unorganized? Why do I need to box up my life? Is the world trying to box me in? How do I grow in a world that doesn’t water me? How many ounces of water have I drank today? How much cups of coffee? When’s the last time I hugged someone? Gave someone a high five? Where am I going? What is my purpose? What do I need to do next?

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