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Do This Right Now.


Can you do something for me right now?

Yes, this very instant.

I want you to think of a memory.

A memory that makes you laugh out loud.

Dig deep. Everyone has at least one.

Not figuratively lol. Literally laugh out loud.

A memory that makes you want to spit up the coffee that you are drinking.

Because it just never gets old.

And laugh. And laugh. And laugh.

Let that memory fill all your cracks and bruises of the past week.

Let it fill your lungs with new air and your heart with new love.

Keep laughing.

Even when it feels weird.

Laugh obnoxiously.

Laugh like you do not have a care in the world.

(Insert Memory Here)



What you just did was something amazing.

You shifted your mindset.

You told your hurting self to go away for just a moment and you jumped into a pool of pure joy.

You dove into yourself, but not the way anxiety and fear wants you to do.

You didn’t fight your past, but rather you found your past worth fighting for.

Worth remembering.


Why do we not do this everyday?

Every hour?

Whenever we feel the world try to crush us by it’s weight?

Well. We should.


Because laughter fills us with joy. And joy overcomes pain.

If you are around people and they seem confused by this…tell them what you are laughing at. Tell them your memory. Let them participate in the laughter.

Let us remember today to laugh out loud together. Because laughter unites us all. Laughter is freedom in a worrisome world.

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