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5 Ways to Call Anxiety’s Bluff

Whether it be school related. Difficult situations at home. Job related. Or for no reason at all, anxiety plagues many of us. It flushes our quality of life down the toilet and sometimes makes it tough to get out of bed in the morning. But we can’t let it take hold of us. We need to remember that the cards are in our hands. We run this game.

Here are 5 ways to call anxiety’s bluff.

  1. Run Runnnnn Runnnnnnn

I could cite thousands of research articles on this but I will spare y’all. Exercise is everything. It is anxieties biggest nightmare. When we exercise our brains are taking baths in some pretty great hormones. We are refueling. We need to recharge with exercise everyday.

     2. Call someone

Call a friend. ASAP. Don’t let your anxiety paralyze you. Hang out with a friend. Be present with someone. Anxiety is constantly trying to remind us that we are alone in this world. This statement is far from the truth. Call anxieties bluff by communicating with another.

     3. Dress Up

Dress up. Take a shower. Put on some of your best clothes. And go out somewhere. Get out of your house. Even if it is at a local coffee shop. The best way to beat anxiety is to not become a hamster in your own circling head. Our outer appearances does wonders in changing how we feel internally. Don’t forget to dress up your face. SMILE. Even if it hurts. I got more research to back that one up. Smiling changes everything.

   4. Do something creative

Call anxieties bluff by feeding the negative energy you may have into something creative. For me that usually involves writing. Try something. Whether that be going outside to take some cool pictures or writing a letter to your friend. Channel the negative energy into a positive masterpiece.

 5. Get it Done

Do what you need to do in this present moment. Need to work on a project? Get it done. Need to study for that test? Get it done. Need to pay some bills? Get it done. Don’t let anxiety tell you that you can’t do something. Nothing in life is difficult if you change your mindset.


Anxiety thinks it has the upper hand in life. Remember to take a breath and recenter yourself on the present. Laugh in the face of anxiety.  Call the bluff.

You got this.

This is your life.

And my goodness.

You are doing a great job.

Keep it up.



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