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I’m Here For a Good Time

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about my relationship.

My relationship with…


Whenever I haven’t studied enough I constantly say, “There just isn’t enough time.

When I am hanging out with friends, it feels like it is over in a millisecond. Time moves so fast.

When I am at the doctor’s office waiting for him or her to come in the room. Time moves in slo-mo. 

Time is really weird.

Have you ever just sat back and thought to yourself….every minute you are a future version of yourself? What does the past really mean? What is the present moment? It is really trippy.

Gives me chills.

The complexity of time makes it so fascinating but also instills a lot of fear. 

With the movement of the second hand your whole life could change. Just like that. With time comes uncertainty.

I never wore a watch because I hated the idea of it.

Being bound by time. Shackled to it. 

Whenever I see a watch I think about being in a rush. I think about being owned by the second hand. I think about missing out on the important things because time leads to fear. Time leads to anxiety. Time leads to feelings of not being in control.

However, today my viewpoint has shifted.

I type this as I stare down at my leather banded watch.

It is time that we better our relationship with time.

As a Christian, I believe God is outside of time. He is ever present in my life at every moment.

This is why I have come to accept time.

Time is not in control. God is in control.

Time has been provided to us as a framework. It is the ultimate organizer, so that we may learn what our priorities are and follow through with them.

I wear a watch given to me by my earthy father to remind myself that the clock is ticking. Whether I like it or not. My Heavenly Father is in control but He has given me the freedom to do what needs to be done every day.

He has given me the free will to choose my priorities.

To choose who I give my seconds.

Friends let me ask you a few questions.

How many seconds do you give to anxiety?
How many seconds do you give to doubt?
How many seconds do you give to procrastination?
How many seconds do you give to selfishness?
How many seconds do you give to fear?

When you think about all the lost time you might get upset. I for sure do. Because the sad reality is that many of us give more seconds to anxiety, doubt, fear etc. than we give to loving God and our neighbor.

So strap on your watches friends.

Stare at the second hand.

And turn fear into fellowship.

Turn procrastination into product.

Turn selfishness into selflessness.

Turn doubt into doing.

Remember God is ever present in your life.

Feel his presence.

And go out and fight against the clock.

Because you are here for a good time.




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