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I’m an Elf

It is sometime in May.

You are an elf working in Santa’s workshop.

You have been making toys all day and are tired.

Christmas is not for a few more months anyway.

So, you leave and go out and do elf things.

But there is one elf that doesn’t join you and your friends.

This elf has super duper focus.

He focuses on the details and builds and builds and builds.

He stays up late into the night, wakes up before sunrise, and creates.

Yet, all he can build is helicopters.

Not different kinds of helicopters, but rather the same exact one. 

A red helicopter.

Over and over and over again. Red helicopter. Red helicopter. Red helicopter.

Curious, one day you ask this elf how.

How does he do it?

How is he so focused?

How is he so motivated?

He tells you simply,

“I am the only one who can build red helicopters, and their is a child out there longing for one.”

This elf had a gift. He was given this talent by Santa to be able to build a perfect red helicopter.

It was his unique talent.

That no other elf had.

And he recognized it and gave it his all.

All in. 

Friends, we all have gifts.



Human’s are freaking incredible.

We have been given these gifts not from Santa, but from God.

If this elf was a slacker, the world would be less awesome.

If this elf thought his talent was useless…

There would be less smiles on Christmas morning.

Like it or not, you have a duty.

Yes, you.

The duty to use your talents to help the world be a better place.


There is a person out there waiting for the gift…

that only you can make for them.



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