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Bird House

“Bird House” by n.J.bellacicco

There once was a carpenter, who wanted to build a bird house for his dying friend. He and his friend would sit by the window and watch the birds eat from the feeder all day long. This friend could not move because he was too weak. The birds would come and go. The friend would always say, “I love the birds. I wish they didn’t go away.” So for the next few months the carpenter stayed in his shop. He drew out his plans over and over again. He wanted it to be the perfect birdhouse for his friend. He loved him and wanted him to feel his love in this sorrowful time.

    He tested out ten different types of wood. He did research on the different birds in the community and the types of living environments they would thrive in. He consulted hundreds of bird house makers across the world. Eventually, after four months of hard work it was finished. It was beautiful. It was his best work. He rushed it over to his friend’s house. He had not seen him months. To the carpenter’s surprise, his friend was no longer in bed. As he was leaving the house, the friend’s mother pulled into the driveway.

“Where is he?” the carpenter asked.

The mother in all black with her face pointed to the ground replied,

“You just missed the funeral.”

The carpenter in shock looked at what he created. He then realized. He had become just like the birds. The mother looked at the bird house the carpenter had made.

Smiling, she said, “He loved nothing more than to watch the birds with you.”

Friends, sometimes we fall in the trap that in order to love people we need to do for them. We need to give to them. This is not the case. In order to make this world turn a bit easier it is important that we remember to be. Be with a loved one. Be with a spouse. Be with a friend. JUST BE. Because in the end the birdhouses we make are cool and all, but not being present is what we will regret. Don’t be like the birds. Stay put and listen. Stay put and talk. Stay put and love.

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