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I Know

In the past I had a serious entitled “I Just Don’t Know.” I believe I did 3 posts with this title.

If you check out my past posts you might be able to tell that these words came at times of extreme confusion. Times of immense uncertainty. Times where fear coated my core.

I still feel this way a lot. Not gonna lie. It is the human condition.

However, it is time I write about what “I Know.”



I know that true friendship is what makes me smile. I know that God hears my prayers. I know that I have a roof over my head and food on my plate. I know oxygen fills my lungs. I know joy can be found. I know love is a leap of faith away. I know uncertainty sucks but love rocks. I know fear is not from God. I know light always wins against darkness. I know that procrastination is my art form. I know that creativity always shows. I know that family is the foundation. I know that the Holy Spirit is present. I know  the difference between bad and good vibes. I know I have gallons of water. I know I have clean clothes. I know that I have an intellect. I know birds are beautiful creatures. I know the sun sets on all bad days. I know that good days make great memories. I know that memories are more important than money. I know that all loans will be paid. I know that true faith is awesome. I know that good people are awesome. I know that bad people are good people with a lot of fear. I know when love knocks open that door fast. I know a clean house is a clean mind. I know the world needs some encouragement. I know a lonely man is a sorrowful man. I know making friends is as easy as saying their name. I know books need to be read. I know naps bring about a new attitude. I know warm showers are always the answer. I know prayer is always the answer. I know to Praise Him. I know that the poor need love. I know that your parents need love. I know that the world needs a whole lot of love. I know motivation rests in your heart. I know you have the ability to use your talents wisely. I know you are ready. I know you love adventure. I know you enjoy peace. I know it is time. I know it is your time. I know you have some great ideas. I know you know the answer but you act like you don’t because you are scared. I know the world is scary but God’s will makes the earth tremble. I know life is short. I know love is eternal.



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