Talking to Yourself

I went on a run today. Instead of bopping to some rad music, I shut off the music and decided to pray. What a perfect opportunity!

All of a sudden, I am back at my front door.

My 3.5 miles are finished.

Did I pray? Nope.

Why not?

Well, I decided to pray. Then I saw an interesting sign on the road I had never seen before. Then I starting thinking about my upcoming test. Then I thought about the two cows in the field staring at me. Then I made sure not to step on that ant pile. Then I thought about what I was going to eat when I got back. Then I thought about finishing up writing my book/books this summer.

So essentially, I chose to talk to myself. 

I chose to talk to myself instead of talking to God.

When I was a kid I always remember people getting made fun of when they were caught talking to themselves.

I specifically remember a teacher saying, “If you talk to yourself you are crazy.” 

Yet, humankind is obsessed with hearing our own voices inside our heads.

Are we crazy?

Talking to ourselves can lead to a lot of problems.

Here are 3 that I have seen in my life.

1.Problems and Snowballs

Problems begin to have the snowball effect. We start out at the top of the hill with a little snowball like “studying a textbook chapter” and then by the bottom of the hill  we “failed out of school and have no job.” In prayer, we offer up the snowball to God and he makes it into a snowman. God takes our problems and creates them into something beautiful.

2.  Track Path

A lot of internal processing involves looking for the right path to take. Trying to find the right answer. Hoping to not miss a step. However, what ends up happening is that by talking to ourselves we end up back at the same place we started. We are walking on a high school track. Through prayer, we stop. We see our surroundings. We reflect. We are shown truth and perspective. Through prayer, we can understand that the path we are walking is just a giant circle and are given the courage to leave it. Through prayer, we can find meaning in the journey.

3. Disobey Yourself

We disobey ourselves constantly. We tell ourselves to JUST DO IT. Whether that be at work, at school, or cleaning the house. But yet, we do not listen. However, when someone of notable authority recommends or insists you do something, usually you can find enough strength to get it done. This is exactly like prayer. If you talk to yourself you are helpless. But through prayer and conversation with God, we enable ourselves to hear His instructions and follow them wholeheartedly.


Friends, I leave you with a challenge.

Pretend the picture of me is saying this to you.

This week will you talk to God more than you talk to yourself?




Pray more than you ponder. 





1 comment

  1. Aha, but are you sure you didn’t pray? “For it is God who worketh in you”

    By seeing all those things, by reflecting, by taking the time to write about it… It seems to me that this tree bears good fruit. You put God in a box when we think we are doing Him a disservice, our very being is so low in comparison that He heard your prayer before, during, and after your said, “I’m going to pray”.

    It was your cry for help in humility that He answered. It’s my belief you we’re praying the entire time, you just didn’t listen until you sat down to write about it.

    Good stuff brother!

    Liked by 1 person

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