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Praise through Pain

I was sitting in Church today.

Before Mass started I decided to say a quick prayer.

“God, please allow this to be the best Mass of my life. Help me to let go and just dive deep into Your love. Let me be present. Let me feel Your presence. Fill me with courage.”

And naturally, two minutes in my mind started buzzing.

But, this time it was different.

This time it was worse. Much worse. 

Distressing thoughts were filling my head. I felt fear and anger inside of me. I was anxious. I was uncomfortable. Frankly, I felt like a bad person.

This was of no shock to me. Why?

Because I called out to God and evil tried to do all it could to prevent courage. 

I’m sure you have noticed this in your own life. The moment you strive for something good, the world tries to side track you. Evil tries to distract you.

Lately, I’ve been reflecting a lot on the presence of evil in the world around me. In every situation I have started to ask myself, “Is this fear/doubt/distress/thought bringing me away from God?”

The world is full of trash that the devil places within our neurotransmitters.

Yes, the devil. Denying the devil’s existence does nothing more than give him fuel.

So, lately I’ve been calling the devil out.

I forget which saint said it but I enjoy the quote that goes something like this,  “The only person you can tell to go to hell is the devil.” So yeah, tell the devil to go to hell and scram.

I fought my flesh for the rest of the Mass. Second by second shifting my focus on the Lord not my mind. Rumination does nothing for the soul.

The minute I went up to receive the Eucharist. Everything changed.

I had a simple yet powerful realization.

I asked myself, “Why do I always feel like I am not doing enough?”

The answer I heard was: This is not Heaven. 

I then asked, “Well, how can I make this Heaven?”

The answer I heard was: 1. Receive Him in Communion 2. Praise the Lord Always

Simple yet it knocked the wind out of me and filled me with joy.

Is that not what Heaven is?

Praising God, loving God, and Him loving us FOR ETERNITY. 

Why not bring that here right now?

Bring Heaven to earth.

But how?

Praise Jesus Now and Forever.

Praise Jesus in every single moment.

Praise Jesus when you are anxious.

Praise Jesus when you are filled with joy.

Praise, and Praise, and more praise.

All in all, it was the best Mass of my life.

Because I received the body of my Lord and Savior and praised Him through the pain.

Friends, I encourage you to act as though you are in Heaven.

Filled with nothing but the love of God. 

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