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23 years old, 23 lessons

23 years old.


I feel like I was just road tripping back from Waco turning 22.

23 year old.


I learned a lot this year.

Thanks be to God for that.

Here are 23 things I learned.

1.When you are at rock bottom, you can only look up to God

-At the start of this year and a lot of the way through it I was deep into despair. In that I only had God. Because of this, I am so thankful. I learned that He is all I will ever need. Good or bad, I will praise His awesomeness.

2. Family is the reason

-I have been away from my family every year since I turned 18. Everyday I grow closer and closer to them. When I am home I learned to never waste a single freaking moment. Family is the reason I am persevering.

3. Medicine is not what you think

-There is a lot of cynicism and despair in the field of medicine. I started school thinking everyone was out to save the world. Not at all the case. But because of this fact, I learned it is important to stand out. To care and love. To bring God into the field.

4. People are hurting

-I learned a lot this year about mental illness. I learned about the people around me struggling to get up in the morning. I learned that mental pain is the worst of all.

5.People are lonely

-I live alone this year. As an extrovert it literally broke me. I felt loneliness a lot. I had no time to do anything but study so I secluded myself. I am so grateful for my loneliness. I can now empathize with all those alone whether that be in nursing homes, hospitals, or prisons.

6. Friends will bring you back

-When I visited my college friends I was brought back. To my old self. I was able to rekindle my love for life. They saw me as I was an loved every bit of me. Friends are lifesavers.

7.Finding her

-I always thought that finding “her” would change me. It definitely did. It wrecked me. It allowed me to come face to face with my flaws and do all I can to become a man of character. She showed me my vices so I could become a man of virtue. ❤ Love does not care about distance.

8. Procrastination

-It will always be a thing. I am doing it right now. However, there is a such thing is positive procrastination.

9. Poetry

-Poetry allows me to unbury my emotions and serve them on a platter.


-Blogging has allowed me to take my innermost thoughts and show them to the world. I am so grateful for those who read my words and can relate.

11. Studying

-One can always study harder. One can always learn more. Keep pushing.

12. Hydration

-If I could go back I would tell my past self to drink a crap ton more of water. It has given me such a clearer head.


-My Church and young adult group has kept me focused and faithful. I learned this year that finding a Church to grow in faith is everything.

14. Human touch

-Human connection can save lives. A small pat on the shoulder or a hug will change the world.

15. Tears

-I used to joke with my old college roommate that I could not cry. Some days I wanted to but I just could not do it. This year I have cried more than I have ever before. Tears will come and go. I learned a lot about my humanity through my tears. Even Jesus wept.

16. Gratitude

-This year I truly felt the love. Thank you for all those supporting Pouring Echoes 🙂


-I do not think I understood what joy was until this year. Now I know.


-Make everything an adventure and you will win at life.

19. All things will work out for good

-If I could go back and change anything from this year I would not. God knew what He was doing. Romans 8:28.

20. + and – of social media

-Be a producer not a consumer.

21. Cooking

-I learned that I could cook myself a freaking great dinner. For all those that knew 21 year old Nick. This is a great accomplishment.

22. Wake up and Praise

-Starting morning off denying oneself and going to God changes the course of the entire day.

23. God’s love in every second

-You can do all things for the glory and love of God. Studying, cooking, working, praying, all can be done for Him. If you do this, everything will fall into place.


I love you all. Thank you for 23 great years.



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