Why the Media is Making Us Useless


Describes perfectly how most people feel when watching the news.

It is like falling into a pool of negativity with our mouths open.

However, there are many positives to the media.

Such as being able to be an advocate for the oppressed, seeking change, pursuing truth, changing policies.

These are awesome.

However, I have noticed something.

The media is making us useless.

We as humans are not inclined to tackle giant tasks. We are biologically and socially adapted to taking things step by step.

We read a book page by page.

We follow schedules by the hour.

We draw line by line.

We write word after word.

When we have a goal, even if we don’t realize it, we break it down into steps to achieve it.

Such as going to school and getting a degree. We take classes. We study for individual tests.

Our big picture is made up of many microscopic pictures.

So why is the media making us useless?

Because all we see everyday is the big picture. The big scary picture.

We see giant issues that take time and creativity to find solutions for; however, they just keep coming.

Instead of realizing the pace at which we as humans tackle such issues, we are inclined to seek immediate solutions. When this does not happen, we get frustrated and remain idle. We complain. We criticize. We post our feelings. And yet we do nothing. Things do not get changed exactly because we are so overwhelmed.

In order to escape this trap we need to take time and reflect on the information overload. We need to take practical steps into making a difference and cleaning up a leaf or two floating in this negativity pool chilling in our backyard.

And that is the best thing we as civilians can do.

Do not let the media overwhelm you to the point of paralysis.

Take in what is necessary to make small changes.

Take in the negativity with a straw. Small sips. Enough to keep you aware and willing to make a move.

Friends, I encourage you today to not let the BIG PICTURE freak you out. Think practically. Initiate small change. And in due time your frustration will shift into a focus for the greater good.


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