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Move On

Do you remember playing sports as a kid?

Let’s just say backyard football in honor of Super Bowl  Weekend.

I sure do. I remember playing with my friends in my backyard. I like playing tackle football. Especially in the winter time because you could tackle someone right into the snow.

I can clearly remember getting hit pretty hard a few times. But the game was not over and we were making it down the backyard to our end zone.

So, in those moments after the big hits I had a choice.

To sit and dwell on the pain and discomfort or use the hit to fuel my run to the end zone.

Kids seem to be able to move on much quicker than adults.

A kid will be crying one minute because they dropped their ice pop and two seconds later they are laughing at something on TV.

I get it. Adult problems are much bigger than dropping a favorite food onto the floor. However, I think we have something to learn from kids.

They are present. They do not dwell on the past. They put all their trust in parents and adult figures.

Christ tells us to be like little children. St. Therese’s spirituality was centered on remaining “little” in her walk through the world, which is what drove her to reach sainthood.

I want to encourage you all this week to recognize what you need to do after getting hit. Maybe life tackled you? Maybe a memory tackled you? Maybe a recent failure hit you? Maybe a financial trouble tackled you?

Whatever it may be we have a choice. To face it like a little kid playing backyard football or someone on the sidelines too afraid to play.

Don’t move on just to move on. Move on so that you can make a difference in your life and the lives of those around you.

Move on so that you can build enough strength to take the hits and keep on going.

Move on so that you can get to end zone and look out and see how proud our Heavenly Coach is of you.

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