I looked under the rocks but found nothing there

I looked beneath the sea and through the ocean air

I searched the tree tops and across the jungle floors

I searched the wheat covered fields and behind wooden doors

I went into new towns and across state lines

I walked for miles and miles and saw no signs

I ran marathons in all different directions

I scoured my memory for any recollection

I rowed across lakes and from river to river

I climbed icy mountains and was filled with shivers

I made it through dark caves and volcanos ready to burst

I crawled through deserts dying of thirst

Then one day I felt hope no longer

My legs gave out, my lungs no stronger

I could not look anymore, time to give up the fight

The world told me I was crazy, maybe they were right

I sat still for the first time in years, and listened to the sound

Of Him who was always with me

And never needed to be found.





Bad times or Your time?

Bad times, hard times, this is what people keep saying; but let us live well and times shall be good. We are the times: such as we are, such are the times.”

-St. Augustine


Life is overwhelming. Most of us have so much going on right now we feel pulled a million and one different ways.

Did I send that email? My test is coming up better study! Why are people being treated that way? Did I forget to call that person back? Why is there so much hatred? 

We can’t seem to catch a mental break. So what do we do? Well I know the first thing I seem to do is blame the times.

Because my head says, “If I blame the environment; it’s definitely not my fault.”

It’s easy to blame the times in which we live for how we live.

Yet, this is not what the Bible tells us nor what our hearts remind us of on the daily.

“Do not conform to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind.”

Romans 12:2

Today, I encourage you to not blame the times for where you are at. Focus on using your free will to change the times for the better.

When the world seems unjust; show others mercy.

When the world is cruel; shower others with love.

When the world breeds fear; live with courage.





Why do I ache deep
And love weakly?
Why do I carry the rain
Like drooping petals
Where are my hands;
lassoed to my chest.
God is right here.
And there
And here.
Yet, I see only my mind.
a child on the teeter toter of
Guilt and Hope
Trusting in Him, sandpaper,
my soul a rusty maple.



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If I only had 60 seconds

If I had 60 seconds left here is what I would say. I have my stop watch ready.


Strive to make this world a better place for everyone. Look at the stranger in the eye. Hold the hand of a friend. Let the world know you care more than they think you do. Never quit. Always remain in zeal. Strive to show the world of the presence of God. Live to love. 

and….60 seconds is up.

I encourage you. Time yourself for 60 seconds.

See what words spring from your heart.


Fastball to the Heart

Here is a poem I wrote about suffering, love, pain, and rejoicing.

I pray it resonates with you ❤



i often pray

that God use me

as a window of His love

yet, whenever He tries to open me

and allow the fresh air to pour out

i choose to remain locked

so in order to answer my prayer

He allows a baseball

to soar right into my core

and shatter me

some are quick to hate God for this

angry at the broken glass

cursing the Windowmaker

but i can’t help but smile up to Heaven

thanking God for the fastball

right to the heart

because now the love is pouring out of me

and i have no lock to stop it.


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To the High School “Late Bloomer”

High school was tough for me. Trying to fit into the crowd was all I wanted. It’s no surprise that this happens in high schools across America. This poem is dedicated to all the late bloomers out there getting pushed around because of it. If you know a young man or woman that you think could relate to this poem send it their way! It could make all the difference.


full grown

I didn’t start out full grown

my bones did not listen to my wishes

please, grow! please let my eyes meet their eyes. 

the squeak did not want to leave my voice

and all the girls heard it

and all the boys saw weakness before my strength

I didn’t start out full grown

I bought shoes too big for my feet

this was the only hope I had

I dreamed of a girl who cared about

the size of my heart, not my legs

I didn’t start out full grown

and I thank the Lord for that gift

because when I begged God from the pew

when I cried and asked Him to use my tears

to water my limbs

He chose to water my soul.



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Send God an Email


God why have You not sent me an email?


if God sent you an email

with an outline of your life

i reckon you’d mark it as spam

so stop checking your email

put down your phone

do what needs to be done

and send God an email

Subject: my future

“Thank You for the silence. For in it i uncovered myself. In the silence i heard that my footsteps make noise and my words make sound.”



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