A Poem About Taking Action


get off the treadmill

we complain that nothing

is changing

yet, we won’t get off the


we will go nowhere

if we stay comfy

running at a set pace

on a safe path we already know.


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Pouring Echoes! My Poetry Book Link 🙂


To my readers, sorry I’ve been pretty distant. School has been tough and I’ve been working a lot on my new poetry book which will be centered around the theme of mental illness.



100 words to fill you with zeal.

I know life is hard. But know, you are built to break down walls. You were made to conquer with love. I know you are sad. But you have joy resting in your veins and peace sleeping in your mind. You are strong. Braver than a front line soldier. You face your day with a sword made of trust and a shield crafted with confidence. The morning sunrise is your battle cry. The night stars are your spectators. You plant flowers of compassion and shout echoes of empathy. Today is not your day. All days are your day. Go now.  


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Bird House

“Bird House” by n.J.bellacicco

There once was a carpenter, who wanted to build a bird house for his dying friend. He and his friend would sit by the window and watch the birds eat from the feeder all day long. This friend could not move because he was too weak. The birds would come and go. The friend would always say, “I love the birds. I wish they didn’t go away.” So for the next few months the carpenter stayed in his shop. He drew out his plans over and over again. He wanted it to be the perfect birdhouse for his friend. He loved him and wanted him to feel his love in this sorrowful time.

    He tested out ten different types of wood. He did research on the different birds in the community and the types of living environments they would thrive in. He consulted hundreds of bird house makers across the world. Eventually, after four months of hard work it was finished. It was beautiful. It was his best work. He rushed it over to his friend’s house. He had not seen him months. To the carpenter’s surprise, his friend was no longer in bed. As he was leaving the house, the friend’s mother pulled into the driveway.

“Where is he?” the carpenter asked.

The mother in all black with her face pointed to the ground replied,

“You just missed the funeral.”

The carpenter in shock looked at what he created. He then realized. He had become just like the birds. The mother looked at the bird house the carpenter had made.

Smiling, she said, “He loved nothing more than to watch the birds with you.”

Friends, sometimes we fall in the trap that in order to love people we need to do for them. We need to give to them. This is not the case. In order to make this world turn a bit easier it is important that we remember to be. Be with a loved one. Be with a spouse. Be with a friend. JUST BE. Because in the end the birdhouses we make are cool and all, but not being present is what we will regret. Don’t be like the birds. Stay put and listen. Stay put and talk. Stay put and love.

My first book “Pouring Echoes” RELEASED NOW

Hey friends.

Hey family.

Hey strangers.

Today, December 1, 2017, is an awesome day for me.

My first book of poetry, “Pouring Echoes” was released on Amazon!

The poems in this work were compiled with a purpose.

They were written in both times of utter despair and complete elation.

They were written in coffee shops and during lecture.

They were written from my heart to fall softly into yours.

I believe poetry is one of the most beautiful art forms. To be able to take truth and grind it down into just a few sentences.

I love that about it.

Is it not amazing that a few sentences can change your whole world view in a matter of seconds?

In “Pouring Echoes” I take you on that journey.

On how life kicked me in the butt and made me fly sometimes in the same day.

I wrote these poems with complete rawness on my mind. Vulnerability is the definition of courage in my opinion.

So, yeah. This is me throwing a plug for my book.  (Link at the bottom)

Because if I can make someone say,

“Wow, I feel the exact same way.”

“I’m not alone in this.”

“I have been hurt just like that.”

“Life is awesome.”

or shed a tear or two…

It was so worth it.

So come follow me on this echo we call life. Scream out at the world. Listen for a reply. And find the truth.





A Reminder

One day…

You will be a parent…so start acting like the father or mother you want your child to admire.

One day…

You will heartbroken…so start healing the broken hearts around you.

One day…

You will fall and feel like you cannot get up….so start lifting up those who are weak.

One day…

You will lose a loved one…so start consoling those that already have.

One day…

You will lose your vision…so start appreciating the beauty passed the screen.

One day…

You will forget your joyful memories….so start writing them down and reading them again and again.

One day…

You will finish school…so start enjoying the process while you can.

One day…

You will be a community leader…so start building your character now.

One day…

You will hug your mother, brother, sister, father, friend for the last time…so never stop hugging them now.

One day…

You will wake up and walking will be difficult…so start going on long runs now.

One day.

You will die.

It is our harshest reality…but our greatest motivation.


So use it to your advantage.

And live everyday with zeal and love pouring from your heart.


I Just Don’t Know: Part 3

I am here, now what? How much longer until I get to the end? Why is it so cold in this room? Where is my sweatshirt? What does God have in store for me? Why do I question everything? Why is the flow so hard to go with? How do I be better? When can I have fun again? Why can’t I right now? Why do I wake up scared? Where is my true home? Why does love hurt? Why do I keep fighting? When’s the last time I listened to my heart beat? Who has my back? Who cries when I cry? Who makes me laugh? Why am I wearing two different socks? Why does life need to match? Where is my faith? Where is my trust? Do I trust myself more than Him? Where is my phone? Why do I need a phone? Should I write a letter? When is the last time I wrote a letter? Does she know I would do anything for her? Does he know I care about him? Does He know I care about Him? Have I been a good friend? Will I make more friends? Why am I stressed? Why do I care so little? Why are my priorities all over the place? Who is my priority? Is my priority a thing? Why am I so unorganized? Why do I need to box up my life? Is the world trying to box me in? How do I grow in a world that doesn’t water me? How many ounces of water have I drank today? How much cups of coffee? When’s the last time I hugged someone? Gave someone a high five? Where am I going? What is my purpose? What do I need to do next?

In 3 Months My Book Hits the Shelves. 

When I was very young I remember asking my Mom what she thought I was going to be when I grew up. She told me an author. I remember giggling because why on earth would I want to be that?

Well, now it is coming true. Mom’s are always right. 

Growing up, just like every other teenage boy I tried my best to be the cool guy. I wanted to be liked by the crowd. Writing and especially writing poetry was not going to put me on the cool guy list. I had a passion for it when I was young, but the older I got the more I forgot about it. It did not make the cut for my time and my energy.

I have always liked modern style poetry. Not the old stuff (sorry!!) Contemporary styles. Slam poetry.  Poems that were short and sweet, yet they hit me like a bag of bricks. When I was in my middle school and in my early high school days my poems were raps. I thought I was great. Had the microphone and everything. After a few hundred views on YouTube I moved on from that dream. In college I started to realize that words have immense power. The power to build people up and the power to break hearts. Within words whether they be in person or on a piece of paper they move us. They allow us to better understand others and to better understand ourselves. They teach us empathy. I have read poems that have changed my life. Magazine articles. Quotes. Books (shoutout to the #Bible). Words matter.

In the past two years, I needed an outlet. A way to allow myself to be open and vulnerable and connect with the world. So, I started writing more. This blog…but also poetry. After taking a poetry class in college I started taking it pretty seriously. My word doc was filling up.

After some prayer and guidance from the Big Man Upstairs I was offered to be published by Tribute Publishing. My book “Pouring Echoes” will be released this November. This is a book about relationships. About empathizing with others. It is about screaming out the world and waiting for a reply. It is about having your heart broken and watching your loved one’s hearts break. It is about joy in uncertainty. It is about hope in fear.

The reason I am posting this is not to try to sell myself. If this book is bought by 1 person and it allows them to know that “someone gets it” that is enough for me. If you having been following this blog for sometime now and are interested in reading words that flew straight from my heart, give my book a chance. I will sure to keep you all updated and post the amazon link in November if you would like to purchase it 🙂

Here is a little piece of a poem.


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*Thank you again to all of you who have been reading my posts this year. I hope to continue writing more and encouraging y’all to keep loving God and others every single day. If you are ever in need of a friend or someone to talk to about something in your life that you or a friend may be struggling with. Don’t be afraid to reach out. We were born to listen.