The mind spins, the cross stands firm.

The Carthusian religious order’s motto goes something like this…

As the world spins, the cross stands firm.

Today I am going to change it up a bit.

As your mind spins, the cross stands firm. 

When everything does not make sense.

When you feel like the word confused doesn’t even do it justice.

When you feel like you keep getting hit by waves and can’t come up for air.

When anxiety, depression, fear, and discouragement attack you from all sides.

The cross stands firm.

As Christians, we must lean on this deep and powerful truth.

God is God and we are not.

God is our light and our guide.

In times of deep confusion and fear, we must listen to the still small voice and trust.

St. Pio said,

The most beautiful act of faith is the one made in darkness, in sacrifice, and with extreme effort.

You may feel lost right now. You may feel forgotten by God. However, you must realize that in this darkness is where you will find growth. In this uncertainty, you will grow in virtue and character. Do not waste this chance to be who God made you to be.

Your mind may be spinning a thousand miles an hour.

But friends, the cross stands firm. Unshaken.

Fix your eyes on Him who waits eagerly.

The confusion is a time where your faith will grow quicker and quicker.

All you must do is give the effort.

Heart Rate and Jesus

Heart rate tell us a lot about our state of mind.

If you have a fast heart rate a few things could be happening.

-You might be anxious

-You might be exercising

-You might have just woken up from a nightmare

If you have a slow heart rate a few things could be happening.

-You might be relaxing

-You might be in a cold shower

-You may be in a deep sleep


Lately, I’ve been paying a lot of attention to my heart rate. It allows me to get outside of my head and notice how my body is responding to any given situation. I may not notice I am anxious but by paying attention to my heart rate I am made aware that I most likely am. If my heart rate is low, I am probably very focused on a task, such as studying.

Today, I thought about my heart rate but I also thought about Jesus and His heart.

I thought about how in times of distress, such as flipping over the tables in temple, Christ had a fast heart rate.

I thought about Christ focusing as a carpenter and having a slow heart rate.

I thought about Christ’s heart rate going from slow to fast as He heard Lazarus had died.

I thought about the agony in the garden, and how Christ’s heart must have been pumping so fast He sweat blood.

The beauty of thinking about Christ’s heart is the reminder….our Lord UNDERSTANDS.



Jesus had a physical body that reacted to the human emotions of the world.

Is this not the most comforting thought?

We are not alone in our joy, sadness, anxiety, fear.

So next time you are stressed and your heart is exploding out of your chest…think of Christ.

When you are relaxing and your heart rate is low….think of Christ.

When your heart rate is all over the place…think of Christ.

By remembering the humanity of Christ we can further appreciate His divinity.

Allow your heart rate to be a constant reminder of Christ’s love for you.

Jesus gets it friends.

Allow this thought to fill you with peace.