Time to eat!

“I know the demons in the room say it’s more than I can chew but now all I hear is the dinner bell.”

-Jon Bellion

In life, the voices of self-doubt are going to swarm us like mosquitos in the summertime. It is inevitable. I remember reading about a saint who said something along the lines of ….the closer you get to God’s plan for your life the more difficult it will become.

The demons all around us want nothing more than for us to fail. They are aiming at destroying our desire to do God’s will. The more we glorify God with our lives the more they are forced to flee.

Confidence in God is our greatest weapon in defeating the evil all around us.

I love the above quote by one of my favorite artists Jon Bellion. #beautifulmind

I think it does a great job reminding each and every one of us that the voices all around us are going to tell us we can’t succeed. The voices are going to keep pecking at us and make us feel afraid.

These voices are not the voice of God.

The voice of God is reminding us that it is time for dinner.

It is time to show up and live the life God intended for us.

It is time to studying hard for school, to sacrifice for loved ones, to feed the homeless, to visit the elderly, to do His will.

We can and we will do these things.

It is time to drown out all the noise and listen for the dinner bell.

Time to eat! 



You Are Sinking

The boat you are on is getting heavy.

Each of your worries materializes into a brick with a label.


A few bricks say “Failure.” Whenever you stare at them you see your future self in tears.

Some say “Uncertainty.” When you see these bricks butterflies explode from your chest.

Some say “Doubt.” The more you stare at these bricks the more “Doubt” bricks get added.

At this point, the water is rising over the boat.

There is too much weight.

You need to make a choice.

You can either go down with the boat OR

Start chucking the bricks overboard.


In a last ditch effort, you pick up a brick.

This one is labeled, “October 2014. 60 on your Genetics test.”


The splash seemed to consume it.

You reach for two more, each one is labeled, “1995-2018. You are not good enough.”


Your arms feel stronger now.

With each brick you throw overboard your biceps grow.

You start throwing bricks overboard like fish food.

The boat begins to rise.


Friends, stop sinking your boat.

Gosh, I know how difficult it is to let go.

To toss the worries out to the waves.

But you must, in order to save yourself.

By tossing the pain overboard, you will be able to sail ahead and continue on your journey.

Know, that you have a choice. Every. Single. Day.

It is not hopeless. Hope lives in you. Hope is your heartbeat. Hope is your sweat as you lift those bricks.

Hope will never let you sink.