Let the waves carry you

Today, I was at the beach reading.

The theme “Following God’s will” has been on my mind a lot lately.

After quite some time the heat of the day came.

I usually enjoy going in the waves, but today I was not really feeling it.

However, when at the beach, you got to do what you got to do.

So I decided to dive into a wave. Then another one. And then another one.

As usual, it was awesome

When I was in the wave, I could feel its power.

I decided to let it carry me and send me wherever it decided.


This is how we must follow God’s will. 


We must let God be God and go with the flow of the waves He sends us.

We must use the wave to drive us forward.

The waves of life come and go and pull us in a million directions.

This tossing about may make us feel a bit uncomfortable.

Feeling powerless is the fear many of us harbor deep in our hearts.

Today, I encourage you to let the waves of life come.

Do not fear the awesome power of God.

Dive in and let the waves carry you.

Carry you home. 




Throw Me in the Furnace 

I’m struggling with something. 

And to be honest I never thought I was. 

In today’s society being a male comes with a lot of expectations. 

One of which is never being afraid. I have told myself my whole life that I am invincible, but deep down I know that is not the case. 

I was given a wake up call. Quite literally, the last few weeks. 

For about two weeks now, I have had numerous nightmares a night. Sometimes waking up in cold sweats. Sometimes trying to catch my breath. Sometimes immediately calling people I care about to calm me down. While I do hate nightmares, I am grateful because they have reminded me that I am not okay. My subconscious mind is restless and the dirtiness is rising to the surface. 

So what should I do now? Pray for courage. 

In Daniel 3 we see three men going against the King’s orders of worshipping the idol. They tell the King that if they are thrown in the furnace so be it. This is a Bible story that has always stuck with me since I was young. I think it has to do with the boldness. The ultimate trust. The three men’s ability to speak from their hearts. 

I think the coolest part of this whole story is not when the men say that God will save them, but rather that they will still love and serve the Lord even if He does not. 

Mic drop* 

How rad is that? They are so accepting of God’s will that courage naturally follows. They don’t have to ask for courage. It is right there waiting. 

I want me some of that. 

For courage to flow so easily from my mouth and my deeds. 

This isn’t to say I have no courage. I believe there have been moments in my life when I did not know where the courage came from. When I acted so quickly and without thought to do what is right. The point is I want that in every moment of my life. In order for that to happen courage needs to become a habit. 

This habit begins and ends with our relationship with the Lord. 

That was the part I was missing. I thought courage came from myself. Society has told me that all along. 

If you want to be courageous.

You need to be tough. 

You need to look fiere. 

You need to be physically strong. 

Friends, today I remind you that courage is a gift from God. A gift that only comes from our relationship with Him. 

Today I am asking God for courage to live my life according to His will. To not care what the people of the world tell me to do, say, or think. 

But to say back, “Throw me in the furnace. I am not afraid, for Christ is always with me.”

A Millennial’s Guide to Restlessness 

Hey Millennials!

I am here to give you a ten step guide on how to feel restless every single day of your life. Not just 5 days a week. BUT EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! Yes, this is a great deal. For a one time payment of your entire life I will teach you how to drown yourself in anxiety and despair. This guide was composed based on experience and stories of experts. 

Thank you for your purchase. 

10 Steps to Restlessness: A Millennial’s Guide

1. Zeal is coffee 

You want zeal? You want to feel passionate about something? If that’s the case drink as much coffee as you can. One cup not doing it? Try two or three! Eventually you will become so addicted you will feel like you are doing work when you actually aren’t! What a score. Your high heart rate and energetic attitude will feel almost as if you are passionate about something! And that silly crash? Don’t worry about it! Just drink another. And another. And another. 

2. Emotions and rabid squirrels.  

In order to stay restless you must never tell anyone about how you are feeling. Whether it be a loving parent or a friend. I repeat. Don’t tell them! Bottle it up and let it run around in you like a rabid squirrel. The emotions such as anger and sadness are especially powerful! If you have those boy are you lucky! Lock them up inside you and throw away that key. 

3. Every follower is your best friend

Treat every Instagram follower and Facebook friend as your bff for life. If they do not like a photo something must be wrong with you! Use this to question yourself continuously for hours as to why you aren’t good enough. Every time someone unfollows you it must be because you are a terrible person. Once again, the key here is to think about all the times in the past when people made fun of you and try to see what they see. They are obviously your best friends, so they must be right.

4. Stay in Bed 

In order to stay restless stay in bed for hours. Use this time to ruminate about all of your life’s troubles. For a double effect go on social media while in bed. Don’t get up early and see the sun rise. Don’t take deep breaths and think about all you are grateful for in this world. Don’t count sheep. Count your problems. We all got at least 99 right? That should do the trick.  

5. Frowning is the new smile

Turn that frown right side up and show it off to the world! If you smile you may actually feel happiness. Avoid that at all costs. Frown at your parents. Frown at loved ones! Frown at strangers! Let that sorrow fill you up. Restlessness will soon follow. 

6. Throw away your sneakers

Do you own a nice pair of nifty tennis shoes? Throw them out! Like to participate in sports and workout? Forget it. Working out will only give you peace of mind. That is not what we are looking for here! In order to stay restless rid yourself of all workout clothes. To be sure only wear jeans from now on. A really tight pair. That way it is impossible. Whenever you feel like working out refer to tip #4. 

7. Avoid loved ones

At all costs avoid the people that love you. When at the dinner table use your phone. When at a family party sit in the corner. When hanging out with friends preoccupy yourself with social media. In order to feel restless you must work on destroying these relationships. If an individual starts initiating deep conversation counter it with “I’m good.”  Works every time. However, if the person is persistent flee to the bathroom and use this down time to check social media. 

8. Rest and Relaxation:waste of time 

If you are resting you obviously need to be doing something else. If you ever catch yourself catching your breath be quick to think about your to do list.  Always have it handy on your smartphone. When you go to the beach or a mountain to hike make sure you check this list every few minutes. Studies show that the more times you check the list the more things get added to it. It also helps increase heart rate and blood pressure! Yippie! 

9. Your dreams are impossible

Why act when your dreams are impossible? So don’t! It is that simple. First start by thinking about how worthless you are. Then think about how much better everyone is around you. When impossibility becomes a possibility you know you are at the right place. All of your dreams will soon fade away! 

10. Prayer? Talk to Siri 

Why pray when you can talk to Siri! Through prayer you are only finding true peace through God. Why would you want that? God is the opposite of restlessness. Instead, it is much better to ask Siri all  of the questions you have. God may be calling you to change the direction of your life, but the GPS is right there!
There you have it. Follow these 10 steps and you will have the best restless life possible. 

It was Only Just a Beam


There are many excuses we tend to give ourselves as to why we just don’t do the things we feel we need to accomplish in this life.

We tell ourselves…

My dream or goal is unrealistic. 

I don’t have the talent.

It wasn’t the right time.

I’m not in the mood today.

Lets call this state of being our STABLE self.

We are stable. We are comfortable. We are sitting still on the balance beam of life.

Lately, I have been taking note of my STABLE self in regards to my spiritual life.

I have built this attitude where I tell myself…

Pray today.

Read the Bible today.

Reflect today.

Lose yourself in the service of others today.

Care more today.

However, the majority of the time, I don’t get done what I have set out to do.

Why is that?

By making the mental checklist I feel as though it is already accomplished.

For example, when I think about praying today it makes me feel as though I already have prayed. I think about what time I am free to pray, I think about the place, I think about what I will pray etc. I load my head up with so many questions I become exhausted.

And the prayers never get sent!

It’s like thinking all about the perfect email you are going to send your boss and every night realizing you never sent it.

By overthinking about our actions, we are binding ourselves to life’s balance beam. We are gymnasts not taking the risk. Not making a move. We are gymnasts that think we have already received a perfect score. Every single time we question ourselves and scare ourselves we are laying the concrete foundation…our feet become bricks.


Our stability is our own downfall.


How do we fix this?


We are living internally. Prisoners to our own heads. Our own thoughts paralyze us into inaction and force us to remain STABLE.

Our minds tell us we are a flower grown with the Lord, yet why are we withering?

In order to get over ourselves, we need to change our attitude.


We need to change the mental checklist to an “I will” attitude.


Instead of “pray today”….I WILL pray.

Instead of “read the Bible today”….I WILL read the Bible.

Instead of “reflect today”…I WILL reflect.

We need to become spiritual athletes.

Repeat your I WILL to yourself. Shout it. And then without becoming a prisoner to your own head…

ACT and ACT quickly.

Become a disciplined athlete with your actions. When basketball players go up for that three pointer…do think overanalyze it? No, they need to act and act fast. Why? Because 1. they have trained 2. the end goal is important to them.

Is this not the same for your spiritual life? How important is a three pointer in comparison to the Kingdom?

The quicker you act the easier it will be to dissolve past the caged bars you have placed around your dreams, goals, and desires.

Goals to be a better man/woman of faith.

Dreams to be a more loving father/mother/brother/sister.

Desires to understand your purpose on this spinning ball floating through the cosmos. 

Inside this “I will” attitude we must feel the courage. We must fill these words with the joy that is in our call to serve the world.

Unlike the gymnast, we are not on this beam alone. God is by our side holding our hands and giving us the support. God is the balance. He gives us the grace to move our feet and flip into life’s greatest adventures.

Adventures that mold us into men and women of faith.

Adventures that make us warriors to the truth.

Adventures that guide us home to the Kingdom.

When we state what we WILL do and ACT  our will is going to align with God’s will for our lives. 


Jellyfish in My Bible

Today I went to the aquarium. When I step into those front doors I am more excited than the hundreds of elementary schoolers that make up most of the crowd.

The ocean and anything related to it always brings me a sense of peace.

Maybe it is the calming effects of the water.

Maybe it is the colors of the fish.

Maybe it is the idea of exploration.


Today, it was the jellyfish.


The jellyfish  (the aquarium made it very clear to refer to them as “jellies” because they are not fish) brought to mind a few lessons that Scripture teaches us.

1.Go with the flow

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart;
I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”- Jeremiah 1:5 

Jellies move with the water. It is not in their nature to fight the current. For their entire lives they follow the path of the ocean. We need to be more like jellies. In Jeremiah 1:5 we are told that God made each one of us with a purpose and plan.

We are formed to follow the current of His will. 

 2.  Food will come

“Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? –Matthew 6:25-26

According to Wikipedia jellies are “passive” hunters. Basically this means when the food comes to them they eat. In order for this to happen fish and other ocean life must swim into the path of the jellies. I will make an argument that jellies could be added to this Scripture passage. Just like the sparrows, our heavenly Father feeds the jellies. Today, remind yourself that Christ has placed the food along your path.

Though it may feel as though the ocean is rough and pushing you in a different direction, Christ has prepared the food.  


    3. Not everyone will like you

“Blessed are you when people hate you, when they exclude you and insult you
and reject your name as evil, because of the Son of Man.- Luke 6:22

Though I think jellies are awesome a lot of aquarium goers do not. Maybe, it was because they had gotten stung in the past. Maybe, the sharks just seemed cooler. Maybe, they just did not notice them at all. I do not think the jellies have the brains to notice (they do not have brains at all). Therefore, they obviously do not care that the other marine life is favored by the aquarium visitors. As Christians we are called to be different. We are called to accept the fact that as followers of Christ people will dislike us. Just like the not  jellies we must show that this behavior does not offend us.

Rather, we are just happy to be who we are: followers of the King of the World. 

Friends, be a jellyfish today.

Follow the current.

Let go of the past that holds you down and drags you to the depths of the ocean.

Float with friends and family through life.

Sting all that is evil before it stings you.


“When you move like a jellyfish, rhythm is nothing. You go with the flow. You don’t stop.”

-Jack Johnson