Time to eat!

“I know the demons in the room say it’s more than I can chew but now all I hear is the dinner bell.”

-Jon Bellion

In life, the voices of self-doubt are going to swarm us like mosquitos in the summertime. It is inevitable. I remember reading about a saint who said something along the lines of ….the closer you get to God’s plan for your life the more difficult it will become.

The demons all around us want nothing more than for us to fail. They are aiming at destroying our desire to do God’s will. The more we glorify God with our lives the more they are forced to flee.

Confidence in God is our greatest weapon in defeating the evil all around us.

I love the above quote by one of my favorite artists Jon Bellion. #beautifulmind

I think it does a great job reminding each and every one of us that the voices all around us are going to tell us we can’t succeed. The voices are going to keep pecking at us and make us feel afraid.

These voices are not the voice of God.

The voice of God is reminding us that it is time for dinner.

It is time to show up and live the life God intended for us.

It is time to studying hard for school, to sacrifice for loved ones, to feed the homeless, to visit the elderly, to do His will.

We can and we will do these things.

It is time to drown out all the noise and listen for the dinner bell.

Time to eat! 


Move On

Do you remember playing sports as a kid?

Let’s just say backyard football in honor of Super Bowl  Weekend.

I sure do. I remember playing with my friends in my backyard. I like playing tackle football. Especially in the winter time because you could tackle someone right into the snow.

I can clearly remember getting hit pretty hard a few times. But the game was not over and we were making it down the backyard to our end zone.

So, in those moments after the big hits I had a choice.

To sit and dwell on the pain and discomfort or use the hit to fuel my run to the end zone.

Kids seem to be able to move on much quicker than adults.

A kid will be crying one minute because they dropped their ice pop and two seconds later they are laughing at something on TV.

I get it. Adult problems are much bigger than dropping a favorite food onto the floor. However, I think we have something to learn from kids.

They are present. They do not dwell on the past. They put all their trust in parents and adult figures.

Christ tells us to be like little children. St. Therese’s spirituality was centered on remaining “little” in her walk through the world, which is what drove her to reach sainthood.

I want to encourage you all this week to recognize what you need to do after getting hit. Maybe life tackled you? Maybe a memory tackled you? Maybe a recent failure hit you? Maybe a financial trouble tackled you?

Whatever it may be we have a choice. To face it like a little kid playing backyard football or someone on the sidelines too afraid to play.

Don’t move on just to move on. Move on so that you can make a difference in your life and the lives of those around you.

Move on so that you can build enough strength to take the hits and keep on going.

Move on so that you can get to end zone and look out and see how proud our Heavenly Coach is of you.

Procrastinating by Looking Up How to Not Procrastinate

Motivation. We all are looking for it.

Praying, when we sit down to do our work the Lord will come down and fill us with a zeal for what we are doing.

Sometimes, it happens.

The room temperature is perfect.

The coffee is soothing the soul.

The hum of rain sets the perfect background noise.

However, for me anyway, this is pretty rare.

The motivation to sit down and get done what I need to is more than hard.

It feels like a battle. A constant battle between fidgeting my legs, doing something more fun, eating more food, checking my phone, calling someone, legit anything.

A lot of times when this is the case, I procrastinate by looking up ways to not procrastinate!

All of my procrastination searches, lead to absolutely one thing.

More procrastination, and absolutely nothing else.

Which is kind of unfortunate.

However, if I can sum up my findings it is this.

“Act, and God will act”

-St.Joan of Arc


All to often, we allow the difficulty of starting a task prevent us from having an opportunity for God to work in our lives.

God comes to us in times of need and gives us all that we need.

How do we expect Him to give us a zeal to do our work well, when we do not even begin?

Therefore, we have one obligation.

The duty to start.

Then it is not our problem anymore.

God will take care of it.

This “giving of the task” to God is like a ball rolling down a hill.

All we have to do is give the ball (the task) a slight push and God will take it where it needs to go.

God works in our lives like the hill.

Once we let go, and give the slightest push, our task will reach its completion.

Therefore, stop procrastinating by finding ways to stop procrastinating.

ACT. And I promise you, God will act. Trust in His power.



That’s not my problem

Every morning we awake.

To a table of our problems.

A plate full of dilemmas. Immediately we grab the fork and start eating and eating.

We consume morning, noon, and night. By the end of the month, year, decade we start to see the problems for what they are.

Eventually, we realize…

All we have been doing is eating crumbs, and complaining of how stuffed we are. 

So stop shifting the crumbs around with your fork.

Focused on your own little dish of problems.

Put your silverware down and get away from the damn table.

There are other’s who need your help.

Who need you to help them finish off their dish.


God did not give you

a sword to chip at

your insecurities

or a shield

to bury yourself in comfort.

You are a man

a woman

with fire in your blood

What you touch turns to purpose

You are composed of Divine scaffolding

A rose blooming through snowfall.


Nothing kills me more,

to see a young face,

aged with the wrinkles of apathy

Take what numbs you and bury

your sword into it

Take what seeks to cling to you

and deflect it with your shield.


When You Reach the Hill

I can remember the pain.

Running through my legs as I biked through the streets of my hometown.

At the start of the journey there were many hills, but it was all downhill.

I loved the feeling. Pedaling was pointless. I was at full speed.

Yet at the end of it. I always knew there was the hill. The hill that cars have trouble getting up in the winter time. My little legs were never ready for it. But I would go up it. Moving inch by inch. Many times I had to get off my bike and push it up.




We reach a lot of hills in our lives.

As students that may be a big test.

As patients that may be an illness.

As husbands and wives that may be an argument.


I am not here to give you the cliche “keep moving forward and you will succeed.”

I am here to talk about the pain.

Just like the pain in my legs when I would press up that hill.

I feel as humans we have a tendency to look toward the end. To say, “do this and you will make it.” Sure, that is great and all. But tell me about your hurt. What did it feel like when you were lying in that hospital bed? What did it feel like when your spouse hurt your heart? What did it feel like when you had not studied enough and the pressure was causing your heart to race?

We all are so drawn to the outcome of those role models around us that we forget their journey.

We cannot learn from their finale, but we can learn from their struggles.

For me, in order to have the courage to get up the hill I needed role models.

I needed to witness bikers going up that hill in pain and making it to the top.

I needed to see my siblings struggling with me.

I needed to know that I was not the only one experiencing this hurt.


Friends, today I encourage you to be vulnerable regarding your pain. Allow others to hear your struggle up the hill.

In this way, the struggle can be glorified.

The struggle can lead to another’s triumph.

However, if the pain is bottled and the finale is on display, no one prospers but yourself.

So be open.

Tell the world your story up the hill.

Lets reach the top….together.


Failing your New Year’s Resolution

Like the majority of the world…

whenever I start a new year’s resolution I fail miserably after the first few weeks.

After I get off track, I seem to give up because….well I lost.

My bad habits won. 

I get so discouraged at my lack of willpower that it seems to zap away all my strength to persevere.

I have learned over the past few years that I have this problem.

Well—most of us do.

We seem to forget that we are human and that changing a bad habit cold turkey is a lot harder than it looks.

For certain habits, maybe even miraculous.

The problem I have noticed is that we neglect to reflect.

We fail and then just like that the weight of our failure drags us down.

We do not use our failure to understand ourselves more, but rather allow it to destroy us.

Therefore, I encourage you all to start early this year with your resolutions.

A few days early at least.

Whether it be not clicking your snooze button.

Running a mile a day.

Cutting back on the smoking. 

Reading thirty minutes before bed.

Sending a text message of thankfulness each day.

Start today.

Start now.

This way you have a few days to fail and reflect on that failure.

And move on.

Make 2018 the year of using failure to fuel your engine. 

Take the risks.

Take the leap.

Take the time to reflect.

And make the change that will better the world.